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Global Business Development

You have built distinctive product, plant or processes and now feel ready to explore the global market. At this stage you need a partner who has multidimensional understanding of global markets - Regulatory, Therapy trends, geo-political and local marketing partners. An end to end solution from one partner can hasten your profitable global market entry.

Synerzys works on 3 step model to facilitate your global market entry.

Best fit Portfolio: Identify the Products / Services that would be most relevant for global markets.
Best fit Strategy: Craft strategy to enter global markets from regulatory, geographical & commercial perspectives.
Best fit Partners: Tie up with local partners that have proven credibility & competence. A partner with
  Marketing prowess
  Growth aggression
  Complementary product portfolio

LATAM - Brazil , Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela, Paraguay, Uruguay
CIS - Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine, Uzbekistan
MENA - Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Mauritania, Senegal
AFRICA - S. Africa, Botswana, Nigeria, Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania, Uganda, DRC, Niger, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Sudan, South Sudan, Djibouti, Eritrea
ASIA - Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, China, S. Korea, Japan, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka
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